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Aluta Continua!!! 

Special Kudos to the students and instructors of the University of Liberia, market women, students of Liberia and struggling men and women of Liberia for condemning the Taylor government for the UNLAWFUL  imprisonment of the four journalists - editor-in-chief Dukuly, managing editor Joseph Bartuah, news editor Jerome Dalieh, and reporter Bobby Tapson charged with spying.


What do these SCUMBAGS have in common?



Milosovic of Africa 

Charles Taylor - Liberia

Adolf Hitler - Germany

Idi Amin - Uganda

Slobodan Molosovic - Yugoslavia

Pol Pot - leader of the Khmer Rouge guerrillas






Liberia's Diverted Dreams

A Good Man in Africa 

Taylor SHOULD NOT resign

Liberia Most Wanted  

CPJ names 10 enemies of the press



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Last Updated May 5, 2001
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